One Clue List, Heavily Amended

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One Clue List, Heavily Amended

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Author's Note: Back in 2015, I wrote up a clue list for a scavenger hunt RP with Kestrad. I always wanted to use that clue list for something else (though modified, since we have a lot more creatures now), and there's definitely a story there, but so far it's been fighting me every step of the way. This bit would probably appear at the end as a sort of bonus chapter, though I felt it worked well enough on its own that I could get away with posting it as its own thing for now.

For anyone who's read some of my other MagiStream stories, Rykian's comments are in plain text and Tobran's are in italic.

Ekaira's Final Test Scavenger Hunt Clue List, Final In-Progress Version

1. A drop of heart's blood.

Is she likely to remember about Kindheart?

She should, if she doesn't think about kabigan winged cats or heartfire gryphons first. Maybe we should move this one closer to the bottom, though. She's less likely to think it might be literal after she's solved a few more of yours.

2. Fur from a brave fruit.

Remy was still using the joke name when Ekaira enrolled, right?

Yes, and it's a commonly-mentioned piece of trivia in reference works. I should know.

3. Fruitful laughter.

The peels don't actually cause laughter, though.

Tell that to a basjune! Ever slipped on one with a bunch of them watching?

4. Time's arrow and death's blade.

Do we really want Ekaira to be the one to find out the hard way that their magic doesn't just work on plants?

5. Magic afire.

Too vague?

Phoenix, ice phoenix, fire gryphon, ice gryphon, the cinersi, fire kitsune, elder phoenix, fire prism fox, the flame striders, hearthhounds, hellhound, over a dozen arkai...

You could have just said "yes."

6. A tooth from a faceless shadow.

You do realize she'll think of the obvious way of bringing us one, right?

Yes, and that means she'll finally be fully comfortable with her shapeshifting.

7. A flower of the dead past.

Yes, but do we actually know anyone with a valdmaus? They're unspeakably expensive.

8. The gift of tongues.

Same objection. Any vaethers in the area at the moment?

If not, one of the alternate answers is guaranteed to be present in abundance.

9. A means to slip from view.

What's wrong with this one? I thought you'd appreciate it, since it sounds like something you would write.

You were thinking "fairy rose." What if she thinks "nocturne?"

Ah. Right. "Keep magi arrested for possession of illegal snail shells, claims it was for her mentor's scavenger hunt."

10. Egg of the beast that never was.

Clever, but I think Jan finally sold hers and there's no others closer than the Callisto Islands.

Assignment 2: Visit the Callisto Islands.

Yes, though she hardly needs travel experience. And if trouble manages to find her on that expedition as well, she's officially exempt from leaving the Keep ever again.
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