LF literate roleplay partner!

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LF literate roleplay partner!

Post by Greyphilosopher »

Hello all. First and foremost, if this post is in the wrong place or I should rather make a section in the 'looking for' thread, please let me know.

I am looking for a literate roleplay partner to have some silly adventures with my character, Phantom.

Outline: Phantom is a time traveler/world hopper who has recently plopped down in magistream! While a sorcerer in his own world, Phantom knows nothing of the magi and their wonderful beasts and needs a companion with which to explore the world.
Maybe you are a new student along with him for the ride, or perhaps an experienced magi offering to show him the ropes. What do you make of his odd, porcelain appearance? What's the first critter you two will encounter together? Only time will tell.

Taking multiple partners- I'd like for Phantom to make some friends. Will delete this topic/close once satisfied.
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