Halfmoon Heartache (Shadow x avril)

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Re: Halfmoon Heartache (Shadow x avril)

Post by xxavrilxx »

Link smiled and said, "No worries, get some rest, darling." He kissed her forehead then headed towards the bathroom. He tossed a towel on the towel warmer and started running the water to heat it up. He undressed then got in once he deemed it warm enough. He washed his hair and body, then shut the water off when he was rinsed off. He came back out of the shower, reached for his towel, and dried off. He put on a pair of boxers and then brushed his teeth before exiting the bathroom. He snuggled up next to Ronnie in bed, falling asleep not long after.
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Re: Halfmoon Heartache (Shadow x avril)

Post by Shadowfax278 »

“Okay,” Ronnie said in reply with a tired smile before dressing in her pajamas after he headed into the bathroom. She then got into bed soon after, and got comfortable under the covers. It was a little while or so after that, that she felt him get into bed behind her and snuggle with her. She got closer to him, and snuggled back against him soon after.

((back to the rp for Beth and Sam))
xxavrilxx wrote:Sam smiled at her question and replied, "I would love to!" He sat up and stretched before getting up and retrieving his clothes. He put them on and headed towards the door. "I'll be back soon, okay?" He said, grinning again.
“I'm glad,”Beth said in reply with a smile before also getting up off her bed and then dressing in her pajamas soon after. “Alright,” she said in reply still with the smile on her face to the question he asked after he had gotten dressed as well and headed for her door to go over to his room. She then got back into bed soon after putting her work out clothes in the hamper that was next to her dresser.
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