Taming the beast: Ammit/Manticore crossbreeding

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Taming the beast: Ammit/Manticore crossbreeding

Post by zucko0011 »

Cunning, vicious, vindictive, three prominent words used to describe Ammits. These perpetually moody creatures are difficult to care for on account of their aggression, tendency to hold a grudge and maybe even an inherited sense of anti altruism. The only creature more feared than an Ammit are it's Telvian Panther and Mist Stalker hybrids, which have innate powers from their respective big cat parents. Despite all this I am quite fond of Ammits and believe through cross breeding them with Manticores we can produce a hybrid with the tenacity of the former and the docility, loyalty and fierce protectiveness of the latter.

Initial findings: positve
I began with only 4 pairs to keep things manageable just in case my hypothesis was completely incorrect. Of the 4 only 1 egg was produced, but I'm pleased with outcome. The hatchling looked like an Ammit but with Manticore coloring and even a small pair of wings, and though it could get a bit rowdy, I never saw any malice or ill will in it's eyes or actions. While it's tolerant of people and other creatures, it seems to prefer its own company or mine and our bond seems to strengthen everyday.

Breeding round 2: a bust
Same 4 pairs were bred again but this time no eggs were produced. I'm happy with my initial findings and will pair up more Ammits and Manticores for the next breeding session.

Breeding round 3: hybrids not guaranteed
10 pairs were matched up and only 3 pair produced eggs and of those 3 only 1 was a hybrid. This hybrid, like the first, is docile and loyal.

Breeding round 4: something peculiar has occurred
10 pairs again were matched with only 2 eggs being produced. One was a hybrid but it looked different than the others. When it hatched I was shocked to see two distinct heads, one of a lion and the other of an Ammit; a Chimera! The two heads seem to be at odds most of the time, both inheriting the traits of the parent they resemble. The lion head deals with the indignant Ammit with grace, and though the Ammit is as raucous as ever, it seems to be tolerant enough of it's other half to live a healthy, albeit strange, life and so I will let them carry on and keep a close eye on their development.

In conclusion I believe there is evidence that a more docile and less vindictive Ammit hybrid is possible with the hybridization of the Manticore. And though I didn't have the means this time around to expand my experiment, I do believe we can crossbreed Ammits with other more well mannered big cats to create all sorts of unique species!
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