Misc eggs auction

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Misc eggs auction

Post by Hiraeth »

Welcome to my first auction! Had to lock the previous thread due to link issues.
The eggs can be found in this tab: https://magistream.com/user/Hiraeth/Eggs-for-SALE

67 eggs, parentless, all frozen at 0.00%, divided in:
- Event eggs (mostly not caught in release date, but there are a couple release date eggs)
- Release date Streamborn eggs

Starting bid: 670 gold (10 gold per egg)
Minimum Increase: 10 gold
Maximum Increase: 1000 gold
Autobuy: 67k (67000) gold (1k gold per egg)
Creatures accepted: None

Ending Time: February 20th, 2024, 12:00 pm EST (Magistream time)
~~ Welcome to my garden! Clicks please ~~

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