A simple minigame suggestion

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A simple minigame suggestion

Post by audrei9 »

I remember you saying that there was a discussion on how to implement minigames onto this site, right? Let me propose one:
site trivia.

I got the idea from egg cave. It's roughly the same thing! A question is raised about the site's lore, and if you answer correctly, you get a prize in money. Maybe transformation items as well. Maybe even future eggs!

With as much material as the bestiary, there's no end the the number of trivia questions that can be raised. And that's not even counting the lore of the world and quests.
If, by some miracle, you run out of entries, you can do what egg cave did and have users guess the silhouette of the creature. I get that a bunch of creatures have the same silhouette with different colours, in that case you can either make all of them correct answers, or you can specify which one based on their creature description.
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