Procedure for username changes

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Procedure for username changes

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Greetings all,

If you want to change your username, please follow these guidelines:

1. Check and make sure the username you want is not already taken. If it is taken, I cannot make the change.

2. I will change your username into exactly what you request by copy-pasting, so be sure it's spelled/formatted how you want.

3. Usernames cannot contain punctuation

4. By requesting a name change, you acknowledge that you will need to log in with the new name along with your current password from now on.

5. I will only change your username once every 6 months. Be sure you want to change your name before requesting, because you will not be able to change again for 6 months. This is to avoid constant requests/confusion.

Once you understand the above, PM me with a request to change your name, specifying the new name you want. I will then make the change without notifying you in a reply. You will simply see the change.

If something goes wrong (like the name is taken) I will let you know.


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