Blazing Skies Flock- Magic Birds RP- O+A needs members

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Re: Blazing Skies Flock- Magic Birds RP- O+A needs members

Post by Sazarilion »

[@ nyghtshadow: this RP seems to be mostly people poofing in and out. and the more the merrier, yes?]

*Well, I havn't been greeted like thais in a very long time!
Wow.. well let's follow this Twister guy to wherever he'll lead, maybe I'll find out where this is, if it's a good place to stay and maybe i can even earn my place in society here*
My thoughts are so scrambled at the sudden task of trying to follow Twister on ground while he is charging ahead, I completely forgot how to talk.
When he asks "who are you?" I finally realize i've been quite impolite and run faster to catch up while shouting:
"I am Meallan! nice to meet you!" "I take it, It's not far to where your colony lives at?"
I am thinking nervously about having to meet this leader and just hope they are not in contact with those who hunt me.
Only one way to find out.
"So have any of you ever been to the big continent in the east? For that is where I was born, in a forest at the grand lake of Mostirk, in the country of Varahort! Do you know of it?"
Before me, Twister slows down and thats when I see we had reached our destination.
My eyes probably bulge hugely while I try to take it all in.
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Re: Blazing Skies Flock- Magic Birds RP- O+A needs members

Post by nyghtshadow »

(No one else replied..If anyone has an issue with it i can leave then...Until that, i'll just..stay i guess.)

Anubis sat in the trees, observing, his black feathers only adding to his hiding in the shadows, but his gaze was sharp and locked onto the new bird. His light purple eyes giving off a slight glow in the dark shadows.

Ghost chirped in the sky happily, chasing butterflies and whatever else she could catch up to. Her white feathers gave her off against the brilliant blue sky. Truly she was enjoying harassing the other flying critters that would typically be food, and it was obvious by her chirps and song, the white ghost fire of her wings almost looking like a cloud - had it not flicker like fire!
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Re: Blazing Skies Flock- Magic Birds RP- O+A needs members

Post by ForeverSparks »

Name: Skyfall
Age: 1,062
Gender: Female
Powers: Can shoot embers and bursts of cold water, and with the help of a special stone necklace, has the ability to release and control the dark, the shadows and many souls.
Looks: A giant light sky-blue phoenix with a long lashing tail.
Personality: She has a lot of mood swings. It's unpredictable
Rank: Hunter helper
Likes: Anything!
Dislikes: Nothing!
Chicks: None
Other: None.
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Re: Blazing Skies Flock- Magic Birds RP- O+A needs members

Post by KayTheDrake »

Name: Alvaro
Age: 124
Gender: Female
Powers: Extremely fast (only those with the best eyesight can see her when she flies), Can turn into lightning at full speed, can control lightning (when in a storm), very good stamina, can fly into a storm directly and not get knocked out of the sky.
Looks: Gray with yellow-green highlights, wings are white with gray spots, claws/beak are black, eyes are the color of a night sky-with lightning coursing through them, oh and she is a peregrine falcon. Her odd little quirk is how the crest of feathers along her head is in the shape of a lightning bolt.
Personality: Moody, unpredictable, likes to be left alone, tend to make rash decisions. (Her personality is like a storm)
Rank: Hunter helper (If she can be a rogue I would like that. By rogue I mean she doesn't belong to the clan but is going to help with the disease)
Likes: Being alone, fresh air, storms, flying through nature, the rain.
Dislikes: Pretty much every other living thing except those close to her
Chicks: None
Other: I imagine her as what I think is a thunderbird, but smaller.
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Re: Blazing Skies Flock- Magic Birds RP- O+A needs members

Post by TsunamiVoid »

Name: Luna
Age: 950
Gender: Female
Powers: Teleportation, Telekinesis, Lunar Magic, Invisibility, Elemental Magic, Fast Flight
Looks: A dark black bird with blue and purple feather tips(starts with black then fades to blue then purple), bright stars in the shape of constellations, inky black eyes, moons on her head
Personality: Somber and secluded, she is the Lunar Queen, with control over the Moon and Stars.
Rank: Hunter Helper(higher if possible, if not, something like a Sage or Prophet)
Likes: Night, Stars
Dislikes: Other birds, interruptions of her thoughts
Chicks: Nova
Other: I imagine she looks like a strix or galactic bird type creature.

Name: Nova
Age: 500
Gender: Female
Powers: Solar Magic, Light Magic, Fire Magic, Fast Flight
Looks: A golden beam of light with feathers of fire and eyes of white
Personality: Outgoing, Solar Princess with power over the Sun
Rank: Chick
Likes: Light
Dislikes: Dark
Chicks: None
Other: She is considered a chick of her race(immortals). Looks like a firebird type creature.
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Re: Blazing Skies Flock- Magic Birds RP- O+A needs members

Post by Koraake »

I hope this RP doesn’t stay dead for too much longer, it looks like a lot of fun!

Name: Kor
Age: Unknown
Gender: Fluid
Powers: Can cast illusions
Looks: I’m drawing a picture rn, will post when it’s done. General desc: a mostly black, inky bird with what seems to be ink dripping off its feathers. It is unknown whether or not this ink is real or an illusion, as it doesn’t leave a trace once Kor has left the area. Kor has a gray crystal protruding from an almost toucan-like beak. Has a dappled rainbow pattern going down spine and tail feathers, with its beak being a rainbow as well. Color extends onto wings, and faintly at the ends of its feathers. Kor is able to change this color at will. Has glowing eyes, some say they even change shape and size. Right-most feather on right wing is a light, sharp metal, formed into a feathered shape and used for unknown reasons.
Personality: A relatively quiet bird, Kor prefers to show things through actions and paint a picture with its illusions. Kor prefers solitude and generally keeps to itself. Kor will interact with the Flock when it’s in need - Kor is a caring, but solitary bird - or to cast an illusory prank every once in a while, but mostly adventures around the island of Flaymea look for washed up treasure or long-forgotten objects to collect.
Rank: Loner
Likes: Objects with a mystery to them, night, rain, storms, pranks, secretly caring
Dislikes: Talking, sunlight, large bodies of water, ghosts
Chicks: none
Other: Kor is made of sentient ink, but this is generally unknown how this came to be. It is not known by anyone but Kor that it is an ink creature and the ink dripping off it is thought to be just an illusion that Kor casts to look cool.
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Re: Blazing Skies Flock- Magic Birds RP- O+A needs members

Post by Redhybrid »

Name: Iris
Age: chick
Gender: Female
Powers: can talk to plants and uses purple flame like magic
Looks: looks like a normal red tail hawk...if red tail hawks where a dark purple and black with golden eyes, beak, and claws
Personality: friendly, curious, naive, and adventurous.
Rank: ??
Likes: Berries, mice, honey, flowers, nights, and foggy/misty areas.
Dislikes: butterflies (yuck!), bullies, and seagulls
Chicks: none!
Other: she has no clue how she got here she remember this two legged creatures taking her from her nest her mom was nearby..but unmoving her siblings where taken as well. she was put in something away from her siblings. after a while there was a loud noise and what she was in fell out of the large loud moving creature and it broke open...she saw this purple light and followed it...and then she was here...confused.

This work?

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Re: Blazing Skies Flock- Magic Birds RP- O+A needs members

Post by Amyloid »

Name: Soul
Age: unknown
Gender: unknown
Powers: Telekinesis, invisibility, shape-shifting, control soul fires and small souls. Also tell the future, but can only do this twice every year. It can communicate with the dead.
Looks: It is, like its name, a soul. it is semi-transparent, and has light blue feathers. (Some of its feathers are more purple) It has no irises, only eyes made out of light. It has small ghost fires floating around it, in the same light blue color.
Personality: A loner. It prefers to stay by itself, but pities the weak. wary of most birds.
Rank: loner (If that is possible. by loner it means that it is not part of the clan, but is still willing to help.)
Likes: learning about its past, snow.
Dislikes: Mention of Death. Bright sunshine.
Chicks: None
Other: It is dead a long time ago. I imagine it to be a ghost bird with no memories of its past. If it is possible I would like it to have an encounter with a disease similar to the current one.
( Not to be rude, but is the owner still here? This RP looks really fun and it would be a shame if it died out.)
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Re: Blazing Skies Flock- Magic Birds RP- O+A needs members

Post by Kittemmmmmm »

Want to try I’m literally want to do it!! :italian:

Character sheet: don’t have
Name: crystal winter
Age: 12 still young
Gender: female
Powers: ice
Looks: have a big wing for a small female and sharp claws, so many claws hehehe
Personality: noisy,fun,annoying,energetic,sometimes he callled herself a chicken.
Rank: newbie
Likes: trees,cats,the world
Dislikes: death,cold,dying
Chicks: don’t have
Other: N/A
Her story: one time he sees a sky full of dragons he is litterally inspired, so she work so hard to fly day after day she always try to fly nothing gonna stop her to fly. it’s just so sad for a little dragon,her friends always bullying her cause she cannot fly. Then her friend says “why do you don’t give up” and then she is really quiet like nothing to hear. One day on her birthday she managed to fly so high cause she does not giving up! The end of a short story.
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