away from home?

Entries for the competition about writing a short story about where the Ethereal Amagnae go when they fade out and what they see there.
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away from home?

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A Tale of Many Wanderings (and Many Many Feasts)

The ethereal amagnae looked around before fading for the umpteenth time. Reaching the end of its desire to travel through dimensions, this go-round the amagnae crossed its wings and toes, and willed itself to its favorite place.

“See you soon!” a magi said hopefully while behind him a castle’s worth of people enjoyed dinner. It was a scene the amagnae had already experienced multiple times that day— a magi who thought they were “its” magi (as if it only had one) waving it off as it journeyed to other celebrations.

Though the fading could not be completely controlled, over the years the amagnae had learned to influence it, if you will, and today had certainly been a day for roaming around— to be fair, wouldn’t you partake in as many different feasts as possible if given the opportunity? With all the food this particular amagnae sampled from festivities across reality, you’d think its stomach’s limitations had a habit of disappearing too! After all, it was Thanksgiving day, and while the amagnae had come to terms with the existence of roast Arkenian goose and the like, a little extra food never hurt to soften the reminder and keep its mind off of things.

When it opened its eyes, the amagnae was surrounded by even more cheerful, chatty people who were now bathed in bright moonlight, rather than the golden glow of lanterns at the Keep. It soon made itself at home after quickly being spotted by the magi who often accompanied it in this realm. Grandmothers clucked worriedly over it (“You were gone so long this time!”), and the family passed their feathered friend around the table, feeding it choice bits from their own plates. Content, the amagnae fluffed happily, comfortable in many different worlds but finally back home in the one it loved most.

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