Rules of conduct (Update: 2015-04-05: Botting)

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Rules of conduct (Update: 2015-04-05: Botting)

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Rules of Conduct
  • No Flaming/Flamebaiting
  • No Impersonating staff
  • No Advertising
  • No Explicit Sexual Content
  • Respect The Ownership of Others
  • No use of exploits
  • Scamming
  • Botting
  • Limit yourself to one account
  • No harassment
  • No multi-posting
  • Bumping
  • No spoilers
  • No spam
  • No off-site clickables
  • No off-site trading
  • No click-exchange sites
  • No stealth links
  • No Rainbow/Gradient font
  • Reindeer Games subsection
  • Tea House subsection
  • Hall of the Arts subsection
  • Merchant District subsection
  • Roleplay Stage subsection
  • Family Center subsection

  • Abuse will not be tolerated on MagiStream. Therefore, directing a racial or verbally abusive attack at another user, or deliberately posting in order to provoke other users is prohibited. Continuing to post in a thread when you have been asked to leave by the thread owner, or continuing to contact someone after you have been asked to stop is considered harassment and will result in a punishment.
  • Posting links or web addresses for other websites or products in the manner of gaining members or employees, or asking/encouraging users to participate in Multi-level marketing or religious organization is not permitted and will be punishable. Please don't post or link as well as use automatic clicking sites. They will not work anyway.
    Selling real items on site, whether directly or through links to other sites is also forbidden.
Impersonating Staff
  • Acting Like, Posting as, or pretending to be staff is strictly prohibited. MagiStream staff all have colored names. Administrators, who take care of site updates, have their names colored in blue. If you see anyone who is claiming to be staff and their name is not colored, please report it to an admin. No real staff member will ever ask you for your password. If anyone is asking for your password, please report them to a moderator/admin immediately.

No Explicit Sexual Content
  • This is the banning of depictions or references to the reproductive organs; Cybering; or other sexual acts. Role Playing may be somewhat seductive in nature, but all content should be age appropriate. If it is not something you would do in front of your grandparents, then it's probably not allowed.

Respect the Ownership of Others
  • Do not claim to something you did not make entirely as your own. If you use parts of someone else's work give them credit, and make sure they know. This also applies for off-site sources.

No use of exploits
  • Taking advantage of site glitches or loopholes in the codes, so-called exploiting, is strictly forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to, anything that changes how the site works or allows you to exceed limits. Using an exploit will at least mean a warning but can result in a ban depending on the severity of the exploit.
  • Social engineering in order to gain someone's gold, creatures or personal information with false pretenses is never allowed. There will be no warnings.

  • Any form of botting the site is forbidden and will lead to an instant ban.
    The following things constitute botting:
    • Any program or other way to automate parts of the site. This specifically includes clicking eggs, stream catching, freezing and releasing creatures, but also anything else not explicitely mentioned. Multilinks and the close-it script, as well as similar extensions are not subject to this rule and are legal to use.
    • Any way that allows you to click a creature more than once for growth, like programs that change your IP between clicks.
    • Using more than three different links to tweet your creature. To be on the safe side, it is recommended to use a direct link to your creature as well as the link povided by the twitter button as two of your three links.
      It is allowed to post the same link on twitter multiple times. Please note that any modification to a link counts as a new link, even if you use the same link shortener again.

Multiple Accounts
  • On MagiStream you are only allowed to have one account. Period. This is a banning offense for all involved accounts!
    If there is an account that gives you large amounts of creatures and/or gold regularly without getting an about equal worth back (i. e. if they are only playing to give you things), that is considered a multi-account, even if it is said to be a friend / sibling / parent / offspring / fish in your aquarium.
    Please note that creating a second account is forbidden even if you intend to abandon the old one.
No harassment in PM
  • It is forbidden to PM users asking them to sell creatures or to give away gold or creatures for free. Unless a creature is specifically listed as for sale in the user's signature or profile, PMing someone asking for it is not allowed. This also applies to borrowing creatures.
No Multi-Posting
  • Please edit your post instead of posting again. If your topic died, it died for a reason. If the site is lagging, only hit submit once. You can open a new window to see if you post went through.

No Spoilers
  • It is expressly forbidden to post any images or links to images from the domain as well as any creature that belongs to a staff member. Any violation of this rule will result in an immediate warning.

  • For those forums and subforums that allow bumping, you may bump your own threads once every 20 hours. To bump, you must use the bump button at the bottom of your thread. If that button is not showing up, you are not allowed to bump that particular thread. Making a post to bump a thread is not allowed.
    The following forums currently have the bump button enabled:

    Tea House (main section)
    Seller's Gallery
    Living Art
    Roleplay Stage (main section)
    Private Stage
    Merchant District (all sections)
No Spam
  • Spam includes posts with nothing except the word "bump", but is not limited to it (i.e. posting only smilies). Your post is about the content, not the gold received. Asking for clicks is a version of spam as well. Spam also includes wall posts. Wall posts are single characters, words or simple phrases repeated for several lines. Advertising shops, sales or auctions in posts is considered spam as well.
    Posting codes in threads about new creatures is also considered spam. Please take those to the daycare section of the Merchant District.
    Spam also includes posting of links to creatures, whether they embed an image or not (called eggspam). The following are the only places posting clickable creatures is allowed:
    The click threads: any kind of Magistream creature can be posted there, but adults should be taken out of lists before posting the next time
    Merchant District threads: Only creatures meant to be sold in the thread or otherwise relevant may be posted. Eggs and hatchlings for daycare threads may not be posted as clickable links, only as codes.
    Family threads in the Guild Quarters: You may post your progenitor pair(s) in these thread but not their offspring.
No Off-site Clickables
  • It is forbidden to put clickables from other sites in your post, even in the click threads. You may still have them in your signature! The single exception to this rule is the Daily Adoptable Nursery; it is allowed to post off-site clickables in your one post there.
No Off-site Trading
  • It is not allowed to trade Magistream gold or creatures for credits or creatures from other sites. Likewise, selling Magistream gold or creatures for real money is forbidden as well due to the high scamming risk.

No automated click-exchange sites
  • Such as the Hydra System. These are blocked automatically (posting creatures there will not earn them any clicks). Off-site click exchanges, however, are perfectly acceptable.

No Stealth Links
  • It is also forbidden to use Magistream pictures to link to other sites, especially off-site clickables!

    It is similarly disallowed to use recoloured sprites to link offsite (i.e., "Fooled you!" style links).

No Rainbow or Gradient Font in Posts
  • Turning text rainbow-colored (eg. posting like this.) is forbidden, being a form of spamming for gold.
Reindeer Games Subsection
  • The specific rules for the Reindeer Games can be found here.
Tea House Subsection
  • The specific rules for the Tea House can be found here.
Hall of the Arts Subsection
  • The specific rules for the Hall of the Arts can be found here.
Merchant District Subsection
  • The specific rules for the Merchant District and its subforums can be found here.
Roleplay Stage Subsection
  • The specific rules for the Roleplay Stage can be found here.
Family Center Subsection
  • The specific rules for the Family Center can be found here.
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