Magistream Monthly Newsletter - December 2023

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Magistream Monthly Newsletter - December 2023

Post by Rosehill »

Last month we launched the Magistream Monthly Newsletter, and here we are again!

The Newsletter will contain information on what we're currently working on and planning, what technical issues have been fixed and are being worked on, as well as information of upcoming events or happenings in the near future. We'll also gladly hear if you have other topics you'd like to be included in upcoming newsletters! Feel free to discuss these ideas in this very same thread. ^.^

New features and happenings since the last Newsletter:
  • The Shimmering Shop was released on December 1st. The Shimmering Shop's stock refreshes on the 1st of every month, and will always feature all the retired Donation Creatures of the month in question from all past years. This is a new permanent shop, so if you miss it on one month you know those creatures will again be available next year for that month. The thread announcing the Shimmering Shop can be found here:
  • Due to the Shimmering Shop, the amount of donation egg slots was permanently raised by two. This means you can get a total of nine eggs if at least the last four are donation creatures.
  • December midmonth Donation pet was released (December 15th)
  • Winter Solstice Celebrations are ongoing! (December 17th-December 28th. Here is the event's announcement thread)
  • In shops the name of the creature for sale is now a link to that species' bestiary page
  • The Bestiary now has a column showing the release date of the species. Some very early species are still missing that info but we will be filling in that information sporadically.
  • Syndicate was asked and agreed to join our Advisors team, which we are all really happy about! :evil:
  • At the same time our team size has all in all gotten smaller, as members of the team who are no longer active have been taken out of the team lists. This is to ensure that if you check the team page you can find people who are still active on the site and who you can contact and can help you should you have any issues. We are eternally grateful to all our past team members and their contribution of time and skills to make Magistream a greater place! <3
Upcoming events and happenings:
  • Magistream's 15th year starts! :cool:
  • January Monthly Donis and New Years (January 1st)
  • The Shimmering Shop stock changes to past January Donation Creatures (January 1st)
  • A regular release (early January)
  • January Midmonth Donation Pet (January 15th)
  • January Monthly Newsletter (January 17th)
Game things being actively worked on:
  • New Years
  • 2024 shenaningans, events, new features, and so on. 2024 will be the 15th year of Magistream so we want to celebrate it intermittently throughout the whole year!
Team discussion/planning has been revolving around:
  • Gold
  • The 1500th creature
  • Gold prices, getting gold, the site economy
  • Brainstroming on more ways to get gold vs. making stuff more readily available also without gold
  • Making it possible to get past limited and retired creatures
  • What to do with the gold situation
Technical things that have been fixed:
  • Fixed an issue where the black hover box when breeding creatures, trading, using items. etc. didn't show up for some users.
  • Fixed bumping issue
  • Some layout issues: Links in keeps now show the underline. Header image no longer goes over to the side of the page.
  • Temporarily fixed an issue where using some items crash the page, mainly gender change potions and chocolate boxes. While a more permanent solution is still on the works, these issues have been temporarily fixed by making these items usable only on creatures on your Main tab.
Technical fixes being worked on:
  • Lorien quest
  • Investigating trades issue: sometimes even when a trade goes through, the creatures aren't transferred but are instead stuck as owned by "nobody"
  • Investigating recent lag: is it related to gold mining or something else

The team will now slowly start to settle in the mood for the holidays and the remainding of the year, and take a short holiday break. We're looking forward to the next year, and have many a thing planned for 2024. We would like to thank you all for staying with us, rooting for us during the big upgrades this summer, participating in the site events, and giving us ideas and suggestions on how to make the site and game even better! We appreciate your ideas, and even though we still have things left to fix after the upgrades, we also want to keep making new features and making Magistream more engaging and the player experience smoother!

Happy holidays to everyone, and we're excited to see you in 2024 when we will start celebrating Magistream's 15 years of existence! <3
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Re: Magistream Monthly Newsletter - December 2023

Post by sammythethief »

I'm excited for 2024 and so grateful that MS is still going after 15 years. In just four years, MS will have been part of my life for longer than it hasn't, and that's a huge accomplishment for any website! I can't wait to experience what you all have in store for us. Thank you (all of you, the whole team!) so much for your dedication to us, your patience with our frustrations, and your insistence on never backing down. You're all very appreciated <3

Also, congrats again to @Syndicate on the advisor position! Well earned and well deserved! :t-glomp:
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Re: Magistream Monthly Newsletter - December 2023

Post by Circle »

Ooo. So excited for this new year! Thank you team for working so hard on this website that has been apart of my life for a long time now! And congrats to Syndicate!
Take it easy and happy holidays to the team! Can't wait to see what's in store for 2024!
Wishlist: Any shop/quest/event creatures, nimbii, hybrid-type bred creatures, and any newly released stream creatures! Thanks for reading! C^:
25/25 Thank you gifters! Happy Yule!! <3
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Re: Magistream Monthly Newsletter - December 2023

Post by Syndicate »

Thank you all ^_^

I can’t believe we’re approaching the 15 year milestone already. I’m excited for the year ahead!

Safe and happy holidays everyone!

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