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Postby Foleo » May 11th, 2021, 9:50:50 pm

"Hm?" Azlin turns back to face Angelo, and floats up until their noses are nearly touching. She taps her finger to her chin. "Oh, aren'tcha the one with memory magic? Figures someone like you would like snooping around in other people's business."

"Only if you don't mind," he repeats, and Azlin grins toothily, leaning back. Polite but unyielding—she's liking the kid already. She floats backwards until her foot catches against the top of the room's desk, then settles her full weight on it.

"Well, doesn't matter to me if Metzli's little lap dog knows about stuff before she does." She waits for a reaction and doesn't get one, so she feigns a yawn, a little miffed. "So yeah, like I was saying—this house, right? I was scoping around town for some light lunch, and smell some like, really dark thoughts coming out of this place. And that's a little richer than I was expecting to find in the middle of the day, but it's not like I'm gonna turn it down. So I head in, there's some greasy chump having a nightmare, but soon as I go to take a bite, this huge hand nearly brains me against the headboard." She tilts her head back, blowing her bangs out of her face. "I mean, it's gotta be some sort of curse. What sort of protective spirit targets bakus, anyways? Hi, Metzli."

"And here I thought I was being quiet," Metzli says, leaning against the doorframe. "Angelo, I hope Azlin hasn't harassed you too much."

"What's that supposed to mean? He asked me for the deets, so I gave 'em to him. Anyways, you gonna do something about this?"

"I suppose I must—can't have my favorite baku going hungry, after all. Where did you find this house?"

"Uhh...it's in the west quarter—real rundown-looking place. Three stories, butt-ugly unicorn wind chime hanging off the front porch. Oh—it's near the ice cream shop with the cow in a bikini, y'know the one."

"...Yes, I think I can narrow it down from there. Did you get more information about this curse before you came here?"

"Nah, I got out of there fast as I could. Speaking of which, I'm still short a lunch. Hey kid, wanna take a nap real fast so I can snack?"

"Sorry, I'm going to assign Angelo to this one—ask Ayer, I'm sure he's willing to help you out."

"Urgh, his dreams are boring. Always the same thing, over and over. Guy's obsessed." Despite her grumbling, Azlin gets up from the desk, heading towards the stairs. "Hey, uh... Angelo? Be careful out there. I don't know how hostile the curse to humans, but it's fast." She ducks into the stairwell, and out of sight.

Once the sound of her footsteps had faded into silence, Metzli turns back to Angelo. "Well, would you look at that. She's taken a liking to you."

"Is that so."

Metzli laughs. "She can be a bit abrasive at times, for sure, but she means well." She enters the room, picking up her cellphone from where it was charging on the desk. As she pulls up her texts, she looks towards Angelo. "I think this will be a great opportunity to you to try out some field work. Don't worry about the actual exorcism—Swaga will be joining you on this job, and she's a specialist in expelling curses. You'll just be doing some clean-up work: check if the curse has progressed to the point where the occupants of the house are aware of it—if they are, do what you can to change their memories to something more mundane."

She finishes typing a text to Swaga and sends it off. She should just be about finished with her delivery job by now—hopefully she and Angelo could head out before evening set in. "In case the curse can mask itself, I'll prepare an eyebright infusion while we wait. Before I do that, are there any materials you want me to find for you?"

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