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Re: Sf x rose

Postby rosemilly » January 7th, 2021, 2:30:22 am

“I’ll just sleep for a few hours in order to get adjusted to this time zone then maybe we can explore "Go ahead and get some sleep. You deserve it after our long trip," Cameron said, offering the other a smile. As Sam relaxed on the bed, he started to unpack their clothes, putting them in the dressers and drawers that the hotel had provided them with. It also gave him a chance to keep Sam from finding out about his surprise that he had been planning. Every now and then, he would take glances over at Sam, just thinking about how grateful he was to have someone like Sam in his life.

Once Cam was done unpacking their things, he closed the blackout curtains before laying down right next to Sam. The bed was actually pretty comfortable. "See? That didn't take long, did it?" He pressed a kiss to Sam's forehead before laying his head down in the pillows so that they could both take a nice, long nap together before they went out into the city to explore.
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Re: Sf x rose

Postby Shadowfax278 » January 7th, 2021, 7:47:24 pm

"Okay that sounds fun and I think I'll do the same. Thank you," Sam said in reply before getting on the bed after unmaking it about halfway and then closed his eyes for a bit shortly after his head hit the pillow until Cam was done unpacking their clothes.

He ended up actually falling asleep while hearing the dresser drawers open and close, but then woke up again when he heard his love close the curtains and then felt him get in the bed beside him shortly after that. "No it didn't," he said in reply to his question with a smile and then it got a bit bigger when he felt the kiss against his forehead. He snuggled up against him before closing his eyes again and falling back asleep once more.

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