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Silvereil & Inspirit || The Awakening

PostPosted: July 21st, 2014, 10:02:10 pm
by Silvereil

Thank you

~ Plot ~
(Basic, sort of loose, storyline)

~ Character Forms ~
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~ More Info ~
(Just some extra info on Skinwalkers and the town and project we may want to refer back to throughout the RP)

Re: Silvereil & Inspirit || The Awakening

PostPosted: July 22nd, 2014, 11:24:56 am
by Inspirit
~ Lilia Evans ~

~ Ciel Blackthorn ~

.: Ideas :.

.: NPC :.
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Re: Silvereil & Inspirit || The Awakening

PostPosted: July 22nd, 2014, 10:03:22 pm
by Silvereil
~ Aaron Coburn ~

~ Keira Barringer ~

.: Ideas :.

Re: Silvereil & Inspirit || The Awakening

PostPosted: July 27th, 2014, 4:57:34 am
by Inspirit
Lilia leaned against the trunk, sitting comfortably on the bough of a large tree while reading a book. Reading "up" on a tree of all places but the girl felt relax and away from the hassle life. She would feel like a bird, free to roam and feel the breeze high above the ground but alas it was all too good for her. Peering from behind of her book, she looked up to see a pair of birds, chirping gleefully at each other. Despite that, she heard nothing.. not even a single sound. She held no regret for it as it had already became part of her life since she was born. She smiled as she watched words exchanged between the creatures before they took off and flew into the clear blue sky.

Every week, she would be sent to see a specialist for her deafness as she was given a chance to be cured of. Deep down inside, Lilia knew that it was all a fruitless attempt as there was no cure but she still took the chance.. partially to please her mother who was worried that she still cannot fit in with the community here and another was because this treatment was free. Besides, with the advancement of technology, there might be a spark of hope. Over the years, Lilia had "thought" she could hear fragment of voices but she dismissed it as her mind playing trick on her. It would be just her imagination running wild, her desire to hear at least once in her lifetime.

((A bit lazy so i will just do Ciel's on the next post.. XD))

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PostPosted: July 27th, 2014, 9:55:16 pm
by Silvereil
[[Ta-da! I'm back!!!]]

The day was not real eventful. Though, then again, it wasn't too much different from most of his other days. It just seemed that only a few things would change from day to day. Otherwise, he was just bored with nothing to do. Aaron was sitting in the shade of a rather tall tree. Some birds flew out from somewhere above him, but he didn't pay them much heed. There were some other thoughts on his mind.

Kida, his German Shepherd, was laying across his lap, napping with him. Aaron had his eyes turned forward and was watching the inhabitants of the dull village. He needed some excitement. He wasn't one to just sit around and be lazy all day. That was partly why his parents had let him get Kida. To keep him busy. Yes, she was napping right now, but that was actually something she rarely did. Aaron thought about his last 'check-up', in which he'd gotten a few more oddly colored shots. It was rather strange to him, but he did his best to keep himself from questioning it. Last time he did that, it hadn't ended so well.

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PostPosted: July 27th, 2014, 10:55:35 pm
by Inspirit
[[Yay! Welcome back :t-glomp: .. How was the trip?]]

Lilia yawned, stretching both her arms when she was halfway through her book. She closed her book and looked at the sky, realising how late it was already. Time to go, she thought... except she did not how to. Often, she would climb a tree and find the way to get down later but fortunately, she did not climb any higher. Lilia folded her legs before heaving herself onto her feet, keeping low so that she did not knock into any of those branches. Hugging the trunk of the tree with one free hand while still holding onto the book with another, she slowly made her way down by stepping onto the lower bough carefully. Loose leaves were shook off, falling onto the ground below of her but she dared no see below of her as it will make her slightly giddy.

She almost slipped! But thankfully, she managed to grab hold onto the thicker branch to balance herself tho she had to let go off her book. Lilia wondered if anyone was walking past the tree at the moment, fearing that the book would knock onto them tho it was not that thick but still, the cover was hard enough. She sighed, slowly descended down the tree again. Despite that, it did not dissolve her desire to climb again next time.


Ciel grasped onto his chest, feeling the sudden pang on his heart. Beads of sweat rolled down his face but he cared less. His mind was muddled; fuzzy at times but clear on others. He was alone in his room, checking on how to proceed for the next step of his experiments when these happened. After waiting for so long, at last, something was happening although he did not predict the awakening would be this painful. He coughed, throat on fire... but actually, his whole body felt like they were on fire.. as if, they were being burnt over and over again. His muscle ached from all of the contraction like they were expanding. He rested his head on the desk, exhausted from all of these pain. Slowly, his eyes began to droop and he was knocked unconscious by the pressure.

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PostPosted: July 27th, 2014, 11:05:01 pm
by Silvereil
[[Mm.. Buggy. Lots of bugs, but I suppose that's to be expected when one goes camping, eh? Overall, it wasn't bad. More laid back than others I've been on, which was nice.]]

Up ahead, though not too far in the distance, there was a tree. Of course, there were many trees, but this one kind of stood out. Aaron didn't know of any other trees that just spontaneously started shaking and dropping all its leaves. He leaned forward and peered a little closer. Having better vision than most others, he caught a glimpse of someone's... feet? It was a little hard to tell with all the falling leaves and the shaking branches occasionally blocking the view.

This was a weird town, but it wasn't that weird. Maybe. Kida woke up and rather promptly stood, as though she had been awoken by the distant sound of the tree's shaking. "Kida, come," Aaron said to his dog. She trotted after him as he headed over to the tree to see what was going on.


Keira lifted her hand to knock on the door, then paused again as she went back on her own thoughts once more. This was about the millionth time she's done this in the past five minutes of just standing in front of Ciel's house (I'm assuming he's in his house; if not, I can change that). She had with her some lab results he had asked for earlier, or at least that she was pretty sure he had asked for. Oh, there was so much going on today and she couldn't think straight.

Finally, she made up her mind. Keira knocked on the door and then waited, almost literally bouncing in her shoes as she thought of some of the stuff she had to finish back at the lab.

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PostPosted: July 28th, 2014, 7:38:51 am
by Inspirit
[[I guess it wasn't surprise that there are lots of bugs. :lol: Glad to hear that you're having fun ]]

Lilia sat on the lowest bough of the tree, panting softly from all those climbing. It was really a bad idea to climb up but she definitely love the feeling of being high above the ground, away from all of those problem. She looked down and saw her book lying down there. The ground was just there but in a sense, it was too high for a girl to just jump and left unscratched. Despite that, she was different. Even though she looked petite, she was more resilient than most of the girls in the village. Something that made up for her lack of hearing. She breathed, feeling nervous of all the sudden. Swinging her legs a little, she then slid from the branch, her feet ready to meet the ground once again.

"Made it.." She thought, straightening herself from her slight crouch position and dusting off the dirt from her clothes. Lilia noticed some thin lines of blood running down her arm, probably she got scratched from the rough bark of the tree when climbing down just now but she disregard it since it was nothing serious.

[[Actually i was thinking of his room back at the lab but this works too so you don't have to change.. ^.^ ]]

Ciel did not know how long he was unconscious, stirring slowly from his current state. Somehow his body was feeling rather heavy especially his mouth and his eyes, everything that he was looking at was blurry. He shook his head, trying to get rid of those dizzy feeling and closed his eyes once again. Focusing on his sight again, he stood up...or at least tried to. His legs felt short and wobbly as if he was just starting to learn to walk. He tried again but his mind still jumbled, his legs tangled and he stumbled, crashing onto the nearby bedside cabinet. An empty glass came crashing down, breaking into million pieces.

"Ugh..." He mumbled, feeling a whole lot sicker than before. His ears pricked when he heard something, a knocking on his front door. It was not lock for all he could remember since he came straight into this room after he had come out from his car, too excited on his new discovery. He hated the feeling in his mouth, like he was missing a tooth or something but it felt like he grew two more tooth and he could hardly close his mouth. Heaving himself up again, he trudged out of his room, looking to see who was it at the door. His vision was still blurry and it was not surprising when he knocked into yet another obstacle, sending the object crashing down again. He stood there for a while before laying down to rest again... tired from these bizarre occurrence.

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PostPosted: July 28th, 2014, 2:14:10 pm
by Silvereil
[[Thanks! :) And okay. I just wasn't sure where he was.]]

Kida had run out ahead of Aaron, almost as if to check for danger before he arrived. She reached the tree and slowed down, sniffing the ground and the book. Aaron arrived not too long after his dog and was looking around. Somehow, he failed to notice the girl in the tree above him. Though, he wasn't right under the tree. He was about a foot away from the tree, watching Kida as she sniffed the book and around the book.

They both jumped, Kida more than Aaron, as the girl came tumbling down. The German Shepherd leaped out of the way with a yelp as Aaron jumped backward. Neither of them had quite expected someone to be in the tree, which was rather stupid of them. For a moment, Kida stood next to Aaron, growling at the strange girl. But Aaron calmed her down and then looked at the girl. Not knowing she was deaf, he said, "Hello?"


Crash after crash. Glass breaking. That didn't sound good at all. "Ciel?" she called hesitantly. Keira tried the doorknob. It turned and the door opened, to her slight surprise. Cautiously, she stepped inside. [color=#4040480]"Ciel?"[/color] she asked again. Someone was bumping around nearby, and she wasn't sure what was going on. Was he okay? Keira cautiously continued forward, wondering what on earth was going on. It sounded to her like there was either a large clumsy animal of some sort in the house, or some sort of drunk.

"It's Keira. I have the lab results you wanted." She made her way further in, and then she saw someone in the dim light moving around. "Ciel, are you feeling all right?" She frowned and walked over to the figure, setting the lab results on a table as she passed. Keira hurried over toward Ciel as she saw him lying down. "Oh my goodness. What happened? Are you sick?"

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PostPosted: July 29th, 2014, 2:25:06 am
by Inspirit
She turned to look for her book, completely unaware of the boy or his dog despite the many noise that they had made, ignoring any gesture that they did. Lilia bent down to retrieve the fallen book, dusting off the dirt that was sticking onto the cover. At least it was still in good condition, no fold no nothing except for the dirt. It was only then did she noticed the company that approached her.
"Oh a dog..." She thought, her eyes sparkled with delight as she glanced at the German Shepherd with her owner. She had always like to keep a dog especially those large breed ones like golden, huskies, border or german but her mother has allergy to dog so keeping one was out of question. Lilia knelt down, gesturing for the dog to come over to her.
"What is her name?" She asked tho it came out as soft as a whisper.


Ciel groaned when a sudden migraine hit him. He heard his name over and over but was unable to respond, or at least he tried to. Loud footsteps approaching him, frantic for some reason. He could hear more questions from the person but he was not in the mood to answer anything just yet.

His eyes suddenly shot open and he leaped away, scrambling toward the wooden door. By the time he blocked the front door, he was already different...not only in attitude but also his appearance although he was unaware of it. His migraine and the pain disappeared, his eyesight was clear again.
Ciel looked around, noticing a familiar scent in his house.
"Keira?" He asked, watching the human that looked a bit scared.
"What are you doing here?" He questioned before remembering that he had asked for the result of the other experiments. "Oh..ya.. The result.. I trust that you have brought it with you..." He continued.. "And did you just grow taller? A sudden growth spurt?" He joked, unaware about any of the changes.

[[Anything in color is not his usual speech.. Animal language so more to roar and meows.. XD :lol: ]]