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July 2020 Competition - Fishing Flies (July 21st-August 6th)

PostPosted: July 17th, 2020, 7:36:34 am
by Rosehill
July 2020 Competition - Fishing Flies

The summer winds have brought in sightings of new colorful creatures and everyone seems to be eager to start their own research and breeding projects of the creatures. The Keep is holding a competition to encourage those projects to learn as much as possible about these creatures.

  • The contest will begin on July 21st (EDT) and run for two and a half weeks, lasting up to and including August 6th (EDT). The EDT time can be seen at the bottom right of each page.
  • This is a breeding contest. The aim is to breed as many of the contest creatures as possible. Only bred creatures count for points. The generation or being inbred do not affect the amount of points gotten from a creature.
  • The Stream will flood with the base creature (Monarch Butterfly Fish) for the duration of the event.
  • Some creatures will be harder to obtain than others and will also grant you more points. The points granted will be the following (only bred creatures grant points):
  • You must raise the creatures to adult or hatchling for their points to count. Each eligible creature in your Keep will be counted regardless of which tab the creature is in. Adults and hatchlings equal to the same amount of points.
  • You will not be able to trade the new creatures with other players or use chocolate boxes or breeding cooldown potions on them for the duration of the competition.
  • There will be main prizes as well as personal prizes. Anyone and everyone can win the personal prizes regardless of if they win the main prizes or not. One person can only win one main prize. Those who will be eligible for more than one of the main prizes will win the highest tier main prize possible. If two or more people are tied for a main prize, all of them will get the prize. The main prizes will be the following:
  • Members of the Magistream team are not eligible to win the main prizes but are allowed to participate if they so wish and will be eligible for the personal goal prizes.

Sign up for the competition over at the Competition Centre! The sign up is open from this moment up to and including August 6th, so you can sign up at any time during the competition.

Questions, comments and discussion on the Community Discussion thread: ... ssion.html

Re: July 2020 Competition - Fishing Flies (July 21st-August

PostPosted: July 21st, 2020, 5:36:11 am
by Rosehill
Personal prize categories

Anyone participating in the competition is eligible for these prizes as long as they fulfill the conditions, regardless of whether or not they win any of the main prizes.

To make it easier for you to keep track of these things, the generation of the competition creatures can be seen on their creature page. Do note, that if you start a lineage with the competition creatures, the generation shown on the creature's page will be its lineage generation, in case the lineage generation and actual generation differ.

The Competition Centre will also start to list for you how many points you currently have, what is your highest generation and how many of each species you have, on July 22nd.