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Harvest Festival 2019 - Feast Competition Results

PostPosted: December 12th, 2019, 9:44:19 pm
by Rosehill
All of the entries to the baking competition were awesome and an absolute delight to go through! That also made judging quite the challenge, but after some mouth watering thoughts later these were the results that our judges ended up with.

Fourth place (a pair of December midmonth Donation pets):
DoomedDaphnia's Boiled and Roasted Potootos

Third place (a pair of November Midmonth Donation pets):
jmilana's Pumpkin Wyrm Pie

Second place (a pair of December 3-shard Donation pets):
Reima's The Spicy Heligre

First place (a pair of December 5-shard Donation pets):
Plutonic's Phoenix Pizza

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all participants!

Prizes will be handed out shortly (except for the fourth place prize, which will be handed out once the December Midmonth Donation pet is out.)