Harvest festivities 2018 and Halloween competition results!

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Harvest festivities 2018 and Halloween competition results!

Postby Rosehill » November 23rd, 2018, 1:01:04 am

Harvest festival is upon us!

The wild amagnae have been spotted in the stream again. They will flood up to and including November 30th 2018 EST.

Be sure to drop by the Keep to marvel the Harvest preparations. After November 30th the celebrations will be over, though.

Community Discussion thread: 8-community-discussion/221189-turkey-trot.html

Halloween Eggstravaganza competition results!

During Halloween we celebrated by decorating eggs, and now it's time to celebrate the winners of the competition! We got many amazing entries and were as always quite taken with your creativity. Judging has now taken place and without further ado, here are the winners!

Grand prize (A November 5-shard donation pet, and a pair of GB creatures of your own choice)
Auriene - Pumpkin

Best Halloween Egg (A November 3-shard Donation pet, and a GB Wikken Cat)
Szarwas - Jack 'o Eggie

Best Recreation of a Magistream Creature Egg (A November 2-shard donation pet)
NelwNoll - Hippocampus

Honorable mentions (in no particular order)
LibraryDragon - Ash Wyrmwood
Pegasi1978 - Hollowjack
StarlightandLace - Crystaflyne
Nexosa - Candy rat

Congratulations all and thank you for your amazing egg designs! The winners will get their prizes shortly. ^_^

Egg competition discussion: 8-community-discussion/220711-halloween-eggstravaganza-competition.html
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