August 2018 Competition - Team Tussle - The Results!

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August 2018 Competition - Team Tussle - The Results!

Postby Rosehill » August 27th, 2018, 10:01:11 am

The August Team Competition has now drawn to an end, and what an end it was! You were all smashing!

In two weeks' time the three teams with over 400 people raised together a boiling 43869 adult Potootos! Wow. These 43869 Potootos fried together came to grant 96251 points. The contest was tight and was sliced right until the very end! Thank you all for participating, we hope most of all you had fun!

So here are the results I bet you've all been anxiously waiting for:

Team Vader Tots
Potooto: 5310, points: 5310
Sweet Potooto: 5218, points: 10436
Cardinal Potooto: 2608, points: 7824
Nightshade Potooto: 1275, points: 5100
Creatures: 14411
Total points: 28670

Team Taters
Potooto: 3930, points: 3930
Sweet Potooto: 5882, points: 11764
Cardinal Potooto: 3669, points: 11007
Nightshade Potooto: 1448, points: 5792
Creatures: 14929
Total points: 32493

Team Purple Spuds
Potooto: 2832, points: 2832
Sweet Potooto: 5245, points: 10490
Cardinal Potooto: 4122, points: 12366
Nightshade Potooto: 2350, points: 9400
Creatures: 14549
Total points: 35088

And with these results the prizes are given out as such:
  • The prize for most points, with 35088 points, goes to Team Purple Spuds. They will get three creatures of new species A.
  • The prize for most adult creatures, with 14929 raised, goes to Team Taters. They will get three creatures of new species B.
  • The participation prize is given out to everyone, regardless of the team, who raised at least five adult creatures for the competition. Everyone gets three creatures of new species C.

All three new creature species will be breedable. There may also be further chances to acquire more parentless ones of these in the future, so if you didn't sign up for the competition this time, all is not lost!

To get your prize go to the Competition Centre page: competitions.php where you signed up for the competition. There you should see your team and a button for claiming your prize. You can claim the prize at any time, on a date of your choosing, even if you are already egglocked.

The potootos will return to the stream during September as permanent stream creatures.

As always questions and comments can be posted in the Community Discussion thread: 8-community-discussion/219866-august-competition-team-tussle.html

Good job everyone! Here's a patootie-scooting potooto medal for you all for being so smashing!
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