August 2018 Competition - Team Tussle

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August 2018 Competition - Team Tussle

Postby Rosehill » August 5th, 2018, 2:12:14 am

August 2018 Competition - Team Tussle

Recently we've been hearing distant rumors of odd new creatures making their way through the Stream. The Keep's professors are very interested in catching and raising as many of these new creatures as possible, so they've arranged a competition among the Keep residents to see who can raise the most creatures. The eggs still have yet to arrive, so here's the plan:

  • The team contest will begin on August 13th (EDT) and run for two weeks, lasting up to and icluding August 26th (EDT).
  • Sign ups will begin on August 6th (EDT) in the Competition Centre and will remain open up to and including August 12th (EDT).
  • Team subforums will be opened on August 12th so players can strategize and will remain open until the contest ends.
  • This is a catching and raising contest. The Stream will flood periodically with several versions of the new creatures. Some creatures will be rarer than others and will grant you more points. We'll tell you what each creature's rarity and point value is when the contest begins.
  • You must raise the creatures to adult for their points to count. Each adult creature in a team member's Keep will be counted regardless of which tab the creature is in.
  • You will not be able to trade the new creatures with other players or use chocolate boxes on them for the duration of the competition.
  • There will be two first place prizes: One for most points overall and one for most adult creatures overall. The same team cannot win both first place prizes. If two teams are eligible for the amount of creatures prize, the team with more points wins.
  • Teams will be randomized to have roughly equal amounts of players.
  • Players will get an icon next to their profile showing which team they are on. *
  • There will be a participation prize for everyone involved.
  • For this competition, Magistream team members are specifically allowed to participate.
* Adding an icon next to the posts was decided against on afterthought, as we feel that may encourage unwanted behaviour like intentionally not clicking someone's eggs, or otherwise targeting opposing team members.

If you have questions or want to discuss the contest more generally, we have a Community Discussion thread for it here: 8-community-discussion/219866-august-competition-team-tussle.html

Competition creatures, rarities and points:

There are four competition creatures. They will flood the stream up to and including August 26th after which they will leave for a short period of time and then become permanent stream creatures.

Creature 1: Fastest to hatch and grow. Most common. They are worth 1 point.
Creature 2: As fast to grow and hatch as creature 1. 10% units rarer to appear than creature 1. They are worth 2 points.
Creature 3: Slower to hatch and grow as creatures 1 and 2. 10% units rarer to appear than creature 2. They are worth 3 points.
Creature 4: Slowest to hatch and grow. 10% units rarer to appear than creature 3. They are worth 4 points.
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