Site Downtime Dec 5th - Dec 11th 2017

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Site Downtime Dec 5th - Dec 11th 2017

Postby Rosehill » December 11th, 2017, 3:19:57 pm

Hello all! We're back!

On December 5th, at around 1:30 AM Magistream official time (EST) the site went down.

This was caused by the server's power supply dying. In order to bring back the site the server needed to be physically picked up from the data center and brought back to life. And now we're back!

There was no data lost! :wee:

At the moment the stream doesn't refresh every 15 minutes, but we're working on fixing that. Everything else should be working as it should. This has been fixed.

In case you do encounter anything weird, please post in the Report site errors here thread.

The Black Market and the Black Market quest will be available up to and including December 18th to compensate for the downtime.

Also to compensate for the downtime, the eggslot amount has been raised until the end of the month. You can get six regular eggs and a total of eight eggs if the last two are donation pet eggs.

The November Midmonth Donation Pet, Copera, will stay in the Donation Shop until the end of the month.
December's Midmonth Donation pet release will happen as planned on the 15th of December.

In case of unexpected downtimes we will keep you up to date via two social media channels: The Magistream Twitter account, and the Magistream Facebook page. You don't need to register to either service to read the status posts we post there.

Thank you all for sticking with us! <3

In case of questions or discussion about the downtime, please head over to the Community Discussion thread: 8-community-discussion/215929-site-downtime-dec-th-dec-th-discussion-thread.html
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