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New team members

PostPosted: November 14th, 2017, 5:08:54 pm
by Morgaln
Hello everyone,

over the last few years, several team members left us for various reasons. It is time to fill some of the empty spots again, so we have two color changes to announce.

First is NyxNoire, who has done an outstanding job as Merchant District moderator so far. She is promoted to full moderator, to fill the spot Taliesen left vacant so unexpectedly. While Tali can never be replaced as a person, we have every confidence that NyxNoire will fill his place as a moderator. NyxNoire will still be mainly responsible for the Merchant District, so expect to keep seeing her there.

Our other new team member is MistyoC, who we have invited to join the ranks of our advisors. She will help us plan events and new features, so you'll all benefit from her new position.

Please give both of them your congratulations, they deserve them.