The Pumpkin War - winners and prizes

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The Pumpkin War - winners and prizes

Postby Morgaln » November 5th, 2017, 11:34:39 am

Hello everyone,

pumpkins have been flying for a week, scoring points, causing laughs and tears, and forcing the caretakers of the Keep to do a lot of overtime to clean up the mess. In addition, the Keep's defensive force was battling a terrible monster know as lag outside the walls, trying to keep the festivities safe from its strange and mysterious powers.
However, the event is over now and a tally of points has been made by various clerks splattered in orange, white and purple (also red in one case, but I asure you, it was just a harmless nosebleed from a stray eggplant).

The final result is:

3rd place:
Team Purple at 222552 points

2nd place:
Team Orange at 223787 points

1st place:
Team White at 232249 points

Congratulations to our winning team, and I tip my hat to the other two teams for their valiant effort to catch up that almost succeeded.

Of course effort like that needs to be rewarded. Your main reward is of course the fun you had during the event. We also want to give you something more tangible, though, therefore we have two prizes.

Participation prize:
Everyone who threw some pumpkins will get an Aurora Whale, no matter what team they were on.

Winner prize:
Each member of the winning team is awarded two Candle Ayotis.

In addition, you will get a special badge on your profile, in gold, silver or bronze depending on the placement of your team.
Prizes will be handed out on the 7th, when Rosehill is back, so please have a bit of patience and don't be surprised when you suddenly have strange eggs in your Keep on that day.
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