Birthday Celebrations! Magistream turns 8!

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Birthday Celebrations! Magistream turns 8!

Postby Rosehill » May 10th, 2017, 12:00:16 am

Happy Birthday Magistream!

Magistream is eight years old!

Get your party hats ready, as there's a ton of stuff going on!

Year 8 celebrations!
  • First off, up to and including May 19th, the eggslot amount is raised. You will be able to get six (6) regular eggs, and a total of eight (8) eggs if the last two are donation pet eggs.
  • Naturally we also have new creatures. Four new creatures are available in the stream for up to and including May 19th. See detailed info on the Creature Release News thread: 3-site-news/200404-creature-release-news.html?p=21070095#p21070095
  • Remy is serving a new drink up to and including May 20th.
  • Gifting is also again possible. You can gift unfrozen eggs and hatchlings up to and including May 16th. In order to gift a creature, click on "Give" on the creature's page or next to the creature in keep view, fill in the recipient, fill in a note if you want, and send it. You can gift an unlimited amount of creatures, but only three creatures to any one person. You can receive a maximum of 25 presents. In order to see how many presents you have, go to your Keep page and scroll to the bottom. If you see no mention of presents then you don't have any yet.
    -You can open your presents on May 17th.
  • We also present you with a new feature: ACHIEVEMENTS! The achievements are located in your Inventory on a separate tab. Locked achievements will be greyed out, and some achievements won't show on the page at all before you stumble upon them. In the future you will also be able to feature up to five achievements on your profile page.

But wait, there's more!

Anniversary Competition

Now that the explorers near and far have charted out the lands surrounding the Keep we require brave magi to collect hearsay, folktales, and forgotten lore of those regions. So go wander in the World and write down the legends you hear!

  • You can write a legend for any World location where it reads "There are no legends" of that place.
  • Please post your entries in the Competition Entries forum.
  • You can write up to two entries, each on their separate thread.
  • Each entry needs to be a minimum of 3000 characters long. There is no upper limit.
  • When posting your entry please include the location name in the thread title.
  • All entries need to be posted or edited by the end of May 31st EDT. Anything posted or edited after that will be disregarded.
  • You can edit your entry as much as you like up to the deadline.
  • Each legend picked to be displayed in the world locations and in the Library will be rewarded 8 shards. It is possible to have both your entries picked. The amount of entries picked is not predetermined, so every story has a chance to be picked.
  • By entering this contest, you agree that ownership to your story transfers to Magistream if the story is chosen for the world location and library. We will hold all rights to those stories and may make small edits to make it fit better into the MS world. They may not be removed from Magistream without consent of the site admins.
  • Members of the Magistream team are not eligible to win prizes but are allowed to participate if they so wish.

For questions and comments please use the Community Discussion thread.


Community Discussion thread: 8-community-discussion/212675-happy-th-birthday-magistream.html
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