July 2016 contest - Crossing Worlds

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July 2016 contest - Crossing Worlds

Postby Morgaln » July 7th, 2016, 2:32:34 pm

Young and old students alike struggle to see over the growing crowd in the Master Hall of the Keep where a new art demonstration is underway. A magically amplified voice sounds over the chatter, "As you can see, Illusionist Tanura has perfected a brand new sort of spell, photo-imagery. The incantation binds patches of light that you might be familiar casting to light your way in dark tunnels and caves, and arranges them in permanent colored images, just like a painting." You notice a large percentage of the crowd is made up of light-specializing arkai magi, who push eagerly to get to the center of the crowd.

A flash of lights burst into the air above the crowd, and with a crackling sound arrange themselves into a lifelike image of a fourth-year magi you recognize as Tanura, and her mentor, the Keep's most esteemed arkai magi, Professor Lorenti. The Professor smiles and waves to the crowd as Tanura finishes the incantation. When it ends, the girl sighs, then smiles to the applauding crowd. The image stays fixed near the ceiling of the hall, a moving image with slightly blurred edges. "The version of the spell used to capture moving images takes a good bit of practice, and only lasts a short while," says Tanura, her voice amplified. "But there is a simpler variant which can capture with great detail a still image of anything you might see. As my senior project, I wish to test this new spell in as many places as possible, so I'd like to teach it to whomever wishes to learn. Go out on quests, visit the cities and far reaches of the world, or find somewhere pleasant around the keep, and capture an image of a place. I'll teach you how to bind it to a piece of parchment, and you can turn these pictures in to me. As encouragement, Professor Lorenti has agreed to offer a prize to the three best images that are turned in."


  • Take a photograph of any place that looks like it could exist in the Magistream world.
  • Photos may be any size and taken with any sort of camera (this includes the cameras in phones). They may not be drawings, paintings, digital collages, miniature models, etc.
  • Minor adjustments to the original image such as cropping, changing the brightness/contrast/saturation, etc. are allowed, but major digital manipulation and merging of multiple photos is not. If you have changed the original image in any way, please include how you have adjusted it in your entry. It will be up to the judges' discretion to determine whether a manipulated entry is viable.
  • Plagiarism and art theft will not be tolerated -- these have to be your own photos.
  • Each entry must have a title, and somehow relate to a place in the Magistream world.
  • You may edit your entry until the deadline.
  • You may submit up to four entries, but you can only win one prize. Please create a separate thread for each entry.
  • The contest runs until July 31st, closing at midnight EDT between the 31st and 1st.
  • Entries go into the Competition Entries forum.
  • There will be three prizes. The grand prize winner will get a pair of July 2016 5-shard donation pets, the second-place winner will get a pair of July 2016 3-shard donation pets, and the third-place winner will get a pair of July 2016 Mid-month donation pets.

Errata Rules: Members of the MS team are not eligible for prizes, but may enter if they desire. Previous monthly contest winners will not be eligible to win again for TWO MONTHS.
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