Anniversary Team Competition starts

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Anniversary Team Competition starts

Postby Morgaln » May 21st, 2016, 9:13:30 am

Hello everyone!

Thank you to everyone who signed up for this competition! We have assembled the teams. I'm afraid some of you have to make do with your second choice of team, but everyone got into a team they did wish for.

The teams are:

Rainbow Connection - Team Puvia, led by Enchanteddil

Sun Callisto - Team Hippocampus, led by Raneth

Lizardbutt - Team Anaugi, led by PKGriffin

of the Predawn Chill - Team Mist Stalker, led by Myrin

Woolie Jumpers - Team Ariessa, led by ShaiNeko

Your 1st gens will be transferred to your Keep in a moment (or maybe already are there by the time you read this), and as soon as they are there, you are allowed to start breeding.

For each team, there is a secret subforum in the Competition Entries forum, that only members of that team can see. Go there to get info from your team leaders, chat, trade breeding partners, or anything else you can think of. It is specifically allowed to have a click thread there, but that one has to be created by the team leader. Other than that, all the normal site rules apply.

Here's how you can win this:
For each creature in the family that has been bred between now and June 18, your team gets one point.
For each generation (starting with the second) that your family has, your team gets five points.
Progenitors and 1st gens do not give points, since they were created before the competition started.
Frozen eggs do not give points.
Creatures that are owned by anonymous (i. e. released creatures) do not give points.
There is no penalty for inbreeding.
Whichever team has the most points at the end wins.

The following special rules apply to the creatures:
For the duration of the competition, all five species have the same chance to breed successfully, hatch at the same rate and grow at the same rate. They will also appear in the stream in roughly the same amounts. That ensures all teams are on the same level.
For the duration of the competition, the family members of those five lineages cannot be traded. That's to make sure you don't get people not signed up to help you breed. Breeding partners can still be traded as normal, so you'll be able to get those from anyone. After the competition ends, the family members will be tradeable like any other creature.
Chocolate boxes have been disabled for these five species while the competition is running.

Important: Should you have signed up for the competition but didn't receive a 1st gen, can't see your team forum or anything else is not working properly, please contact either me or Rosehill immediately. We double-checked everything but sometimes things still slip through.
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Re: Anniversary Team Competition starts

Postby Rosehill » May 21st, 2016, 9:51:36 am

All 1st gens have now been transferred to participants. If you didn't receive yours, send me PM. ^.^

Happy Breeding everyone! :crazy:
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