Happy 7th birthday, Magistream!

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Happy 7th birthday, Magistream!

Postby Rosehill » May 10th, 2016, 12:00:33 am


Once upon a time, seven years ago, the first light shone upon the banks of the magical stream filled with magical creatures big and small... Magistream was born!

Starting from today we'll celebrate the seven years we've had with the site! :woo:

No birthday party is complete without gifts, soooo here are our this year's celebrations:

  • Three new crystalwing species have been spotted in the stream! They will be available up to and including May 20th.
  • Gifting is once again possible! You can gift any unfrozen eggs and hatchlings by clicking the "give" link on the Keep page or on an individual creature's page. Enter the name of the person you want to give the creature to, leave a little message if you want, and voilà! Gifting is possible from May 10th to May 16th 11:40PM. You can open any gifts you get starting on May 17th 3AM EDT.
  • Remy is serving a new drink after a bit of a pause. He swears it's not just water in a wine glass. Remy's special offer lasts up to and including May 24th, after which he'll no longer serve this drink.
  • We've heard interesting news from the Society of Trident. It seems that Lady Alua has been busy this past year and has now come to a new revelation, and potion! To see what it's all about, go visit her in Lake Lakira.

We also have a few feature improvements:
  • The maximum amount of tabs you can now have is 100.
  • Trades now show a timestamp of the latest action.

Share your memories!

Be sure to share your memories of your time on Magistream, be it from the past seven years, or the past seven seconds, be you new or old member! Reminisce over at the Community Discussion thread: 8-community-discussion/206119-magistream-s-years-anniversary.html

Stay tuned!

More things are coming tomorrow, May 11th! :aah: :yey:
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