March 2016 contest - Natural history class

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March 2016 contest - Natural history class

Postby Morgaln » March 17th, 2016, 3:48:12 pm

You arrive in Ageti, noticing the roads are covered in dust from all of the caravans travelling to and from the city. The climate is hot and muggy near the river, and you quickly seek out your fellow students to set up a base camp. Before you get far, however, you are distracted by a strange frog sitting on an equally unfamiliar giant fern. It hops away before you can get out your notebook, but a fellow student notices and waves you over to her. Just outside the city boundaries are hundreds, if not thousands of caravans, waiting to explore the swamplands. The other students are among them.

You recognize the other student who waved you over, a fire magi who was in a general studies class with you last year. She grins as you drop your travel packs in an unclaimed spot in the camp, and says, “So, you’ve familiarized yourself with the local wildlife, I see? If you’ve got a notebook handy, this might interest you. It arrived a little while ago.”

She taps the shoulder of another student, who hands you a scroll. The seal is broken, and the scroll looks like it's been passed around by more than a few hands, but you recognize the handwriting and the professor's name at the bottom. It is hastily scrawled, but legible enough to make out.

Dear Students,

I hope everyone has arrived safely at the camp grounds we’ve organized for you – as Carise has mentioned, this is an exciting opportunity for everyone! I regret that my work load has kept me from being able to travel to Taggelisk myself, but I implore you all to take notes and sketch whatever new organisms you come across. I am interested in acquiring some of your illustrations for the Keep's collections. Now, I’m afraid I do not quite have the means to compensate every student who sends in their drawings, but I have come across a few extra crystal shards that I will happily give out to the finest and most scientifically accurate depictions. These images will be put on display outside of the taxonomy department, and the others will be added to our storage archive. However, as there is only room for three display slots at the moment, I will hand out rewards for the three entries that best represent the Keep’s first foray into this region.

Best of luck to all of you,

Sincerely, Professor Itha, Keep Taxonomist


- Draw a picture of a plant or animal you come across during your expedition. The drawing can be made in a digital or traditional medium, using any supplies available to you as long as the end result is still a two-dimensional drawing of some sort. (I.e., paper craft, modelling, woodworking, sculpting, etc. would not count.)

- Taggelisk is a big place with a lot of creatures no one has ever seen before, so it’s all right if what you draw is new to science.

- This art contest is for fun – we don’t guarantee that any of the creatures users come up with will ever be added to the site.

- Art theft and plagiarism will not be tolerated.

- Entries go into the Competition Entries forum forum.

- You may edit your entry until the deadline.

- You may have multiple entries, but only one can win a prize. Please post each entry in its own thread.

- The contest will run from today until April 1st, 2016 EST, closing on midnight between the 31st and the 1st.

Errata Rules: Members of the MS staff are not eligible to win prizes, but may enter if they desire. Previous monthly contest winners will not be eligible to win for another TWO MONTHS.

There will be three prizes awarded: the grand prize winner will receive five crystal shards, the second place winner will receive three shards, and the third place winner will receive two shards.

Any discussions or questions regarding this contest go into the dedicated thread in the Community Discussions.
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