February 2016 contest - the winners

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February 2016 contest - the winners

Postby Morgaln » March 17th, 2016, 3:29:46 pm

After long deliberation, our judges finally came to a decision. I hear some of them licked their screens trying to taste the entries, but those are probably just malignant rumors that shouldn't be taken seriously.

Be that as it may, thank you to everyone who entered, all of your recipes sounded delicious. But there can only be two winners, and here they are:

1st place: sellerie's imp roses.
2nd place: Revan's spritz cookies


Honorable mentions go to these entries, that didn't quite make the cut but came very close:

Real's Apple Dessert
Vipor's No noodle soup
Firebird's After Valentine's Deal
Wentura's Bitochik - An Ukrain Schnitzel

For discussing the winning entries or congratulating the winners, please go to the dedicated thread in the Community Discussions.
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