New region and Quest! Taggelisk can now be explored

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New region and Quest! Taggelisk can now be explored

Postby Rosehill » March 10th, 2016, 1:00:23 am

With our ever-increasing knowledge of the known world, relations with a new region have been established!

Taggelisk and its capital Ageti lie between Alveus and Tezcotal with the river Great Tagg splitting the country, just west of the Mountains of Me'chuan.

As we have now gotten acquainted with the people of Taggelisk, a convoy from Ageti is offering the residents of the Keep and opportunity to visit their lands and explore it. To be eligible to go you, of course, need to be properly prepared. To see what it's all about, head over to the Keep and check out the new quest Taggelisk: An Opportunity Abroad.

The people of Taggelisk have also provided a gift of creatures to the Keep, and Remy has been put in charge of distributing them. Rumor has it that Taggeliskians are also offering creature rewards for those who brave their lands.

The inventory has also gotten something new. You now have a "Tokens" tab in your Inventory, where you will get collectible items that cannot be used, but are still visible for you as tokens. Tokens also include stuff that you have previously acquired but no longer posses in your main Inventory, as well as gift bags, spells and other things you may have bought in the past.

While completing the new quest you will be able to get nine completely new tokens as well. Currently a total of 30 different tokens exist, with 9 from the new quest and 21 older.

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