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The Bestiary

PostPosted: December 25th, 2015, 7:03:01 pm
by Rosehill
A new site feature, the Bestiary, has been released! Update January 4th! - See below!

The Bestiary lists all our creatures, their sprites and descriptions and side arts, as well as how to obtain them and whether or not they can breed, how much it costs to rename them and how many you own.

Access the Bestiary here:
You can sort each column by clicking on the heading and filter each column's data.

Every individual creature's page also has a link to the species' Bestiary page. You can access that by clicking the species name on a creature's page.

The Bestiary can also be accessed from the World's Keep Page like the Library.

Upcoming features relating to Bestiary:
-Accessing pages by species name: The individual creature species page are currently accessed by the species number. Alongside this there will be the possibility to access the pages by the species' name as well.
-More data: Many details on which pairs to breed to get certain creatures, as well as tidbits and more information on creatures is still upcoming.

Community Discussion Thread: 8-community-discussion/203130-the-bestiary.html

Happy Holidays everyone! ^.^ :wave:

Update January 4th:
  • Added a new feature to the Bestiary: It is now possible to filter the Bestiary data columns to better and more easily find what you are looking for. More detailed instructions can be found on the Bestiary page.
  • Renaming cost added to the list view and individual creature pages
  • Added shop links and cost for creatures gotten from shops to the individual creature pages
  • Added info of possible breeding partners and breeding outcomes to the individual creature pages

Update February 3rd:
  • Added information about how many of each creature you own both on the main bestiary page and on each individual creature's page.
  • Each column is now sortable by clicking on the column name.