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Winter Holidays 2015: December 19th - December 27th

PostPosted: December 18th, 2015, 6:48:25 pm
by Rosehill
Winter Holidays 2015

It is that time of the year again when we gather round to celebrate the Winter Solstice and all the things the winter's winds bring to the Keep!

  • Gifting starts on December 19th at midnight EST
  • Gifting ends on December 24th at 11PM EST
  • Gifts can be opened on December 25th starting at midnight EST
  • Gifting works thus: Next to any unfrozen egg and hatchling there's a "Give" button. Click that and you are taken to a screen where you write a receiver's name and a short message if you want. Click "Submit" to send the gift. If you want to hide your name click "Anonymous" on the sending screen. You can send as many or as few gifts as you like, the only limit is you can send a maximum of 3 gifts per person. You can receive up to 25 gifts. To see how many gifts you've gotten, go to your Keep and scroll to the bottom of the page. There, under a picture of a Christmas Tree you'll see the text "You've got X presents, but you can't open them yet! " where X shows the number of gifts you've received. If you don't see the picture of the tree or the text that means no-one's yet sent you any gifts.

Solstice Caravan
  • Solstice Caravan shop is available starting from December 19th at midnight EST to up to and including December 27th.

Snowflake Mixer
  • Remy's is offering a new drink: Snowflake Mixer. Be sure to check it out!

New Creatures
  • New creatures are available starting from December 19th. More detailed information about the released creatures is on the Creature Release News thread.

Egg limit
  • Egg limit has been raised. You can get 6 eggs, and 8 if the last two are donation eggs.

You can discuss the event over at the Community Discussion: 8-community-discussion/202726-magi-christmas.html

But wait, there's more!
During the celebrations there will be some new features and also a few other surprises planned. More on them in a couple of days.

December 21st: New Quest!
The Keep has a new quest: Old Tome: Magical Mysterious Thingthings

Re: Winter Holidays 2015: December 19th - December 27th

PostPosted: December 21st, 2015, 2:40:33 am
by Rosehill
Let's continue with the festivities in the form of a quest!

The Keep has now a new quest: Old Tome: Magical Mysterious Thingthings

After checking that one out you can access the four locations daily up to and including December 27th:
Silva Forest
Etain Desert

The initial step of the quest will have a follow-up quest on four different locations and you can visit each of those locations once every day. The time resets at midnight Magistream time. The quests is available from December 21st to up to and including December 27th.

For our mobile users: You can access the World locations more easily through this page: mworld.php
The abovementioned page will become available on the general World map view soon (in "days" soon rather than "hours" soon) as well. ^.^