Harvest festivities 2015: Nov 24th - Nov 30th

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Re: Harvest festivities 2015: Nov 24th - Nov 30th

Postby Rosehill » November 30th, 2015, 6:07:37 am

ZzelaBusya wrote:I've had a question for some time, regarding the spells - well, originally the Spell of Cloaking, but now both of them. They remain available in the shops after the user buys them, as I understand it. If one were to try and buy a certain spell once more, would the site let them waste 75k? :orly: The confirmation page ("Are you sure you want to buy...") is there, I don't want to risk going on with it, but I've been wondering. XD

It won't let you buy a spell more than once. If you have already bought the spell once and try to buy it again the site will tell you "You already know that spell." and no gold is taken from you. ^.^
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